Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shawn Kelly Tips & Tricks - FREE!

I'll never cease to be amazed by the numbers of professionals in the animation industry who willingly pass on their valuable experience for free. Now we can add Shawn Kelly to the list.

Shawn is a founding member of and has a solid list of animation credits under his belt. He's been writing his tips and tricks for members of for a few years and since anyone can subscribe to the AnimationMentor newsletter for free, I guess we can say Shawn's tips have always been free. But now he's gone one better, compiling all past tips into a 99 page eBook!

Topics covered in this "treasure trove of information" on character animation include Planning, Observation, Blinking, The Face, Expressions, Exaggeration, Walks, Arcs, Timing and, well, lots more. In short, if you're learning animation then you can't go wrong to have this eBook in your eLibrary.

Get the eBook HERE and while you're at it, you might as well sign up for the AnimationMentor Newsletter too so you get more of Shawn's tips as he writes them.